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Reilly Chase
Reilly Chase

I'm passionate about MSP, WISP, and ITSP businesses.

For several years, I've wanted to start a community for MSPs that advocated transparency. Somewhere for newcomers to learn how to 🛠️ build, & 🚀 launch, and for existing MSP owners to find resources on how to 🌱 grow - a place that I wish had existed when I started my MSP, Locklin Networks.

In my career, I've worked for several MSPs as a Network/Telecom Engineer. I started Locklin Networks in 2014, and over the past 5 years I've experiemented with different business models including managed IT, wireless internet service, and cloud PBX. My goal was to be able to create enough recurring revenue to one day quit my day job and work full time as a business owner.

I ended up finding success in building SaaS for other MSPs, rather than building my own MSP. I launched HostiFi, a Ubiquiti cloud hosting service, in May 2018. By January 2019, with over 100 subscribers and ~$2,400 MRR, I made the leap from day job to full time business owner. In April 2019, I raised seed funding from Earnest Capital which provided me with additional capital and mentorship to continue building services specifically for MSPs.

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Short History

The MSP Story so far

  1. Founded Locklin Networks

    Locklin Networks

    I founded Locklin Networks in 2014 to create the brand and legal structure for the work I was already doing, providing IT services as a freelancer for small businesses.

  2. Launched HostiFi


    I started HostiFi in 2018 to make it easier for other MSPs to start cloud hosting Ubiquiti UniFi servers. HostiFi has helped hundreds of people with UniFi now!

  3. Launched GhostiFi


    I created GhostiFi because I was using VPNs frequently for work and wanted an interface to easily deploy OpenVPN to a cloud server, and migrate it to a new IP/location with one click.

  4. Launched CaptiFi


    My HostiFi customers asked me to build an easy to use guest wireless solution that could capture email addresses, so I started CaptiFi.

  5. Raised seed funding

    Earnest Capital

    Earnest Capital provided me with investment and mentorship to help me continue working on my projects for MSPs.

  6. Launched MSP Story

    I created MSP Story to as a Slack channel, forum, and community for my customers. I want to promote transparency in the MSP space, learn from and inspire others.